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Showcase food, merchandise, arts, crafts and music.

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Why you need to go to Go Global MarketPlace?

✓ Good food and company is coming your way!

✓ Diverse range of venders foster and build community

✓ Night Market

✓ Region's own entrepreneurs and merchandise vendors

✓ Have a good time, laughing, drinking, eating and smiling

✓ Dance, Dance, Dance! Roaring

✓ 20's Swing New Orleans jazz night

✓ Disco shopping

✓ Live music

✓ Craft cocktails and drinks

✓ Full late night venue

✓ Special Events

✓ Workshops from the best dancing instructors... Cuban Salsa, LA Salsa, NY Salsa

✓ Open- air jazz night

✓ Drinks wine art & music experience orientated shopping

✓ Attend kitchenware and cooking demonstrations with a unique mix of restaurant and retail

✓ Strategic location for multi use. Community gathering space for business connections, deal making and community strengthening

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